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 Party, AGAIN

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Registration date : 2006-03-25

PostSubject: Party, AGAIN   Wed 5 Apr 18:15

Hey everyone, tomorow dinner at sylvias house, goran and redmer will cook and i will be the manager of the kitchen.
Hope to see you all
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Localisation : Pombal, Portugal
Registration date : 2006-03-12

PostSubject: Re: Party, AGAIN   Thu 6 Apr 5:55

Goran and Redmer cooking??... Humm... Pedro, the manager... Humm.. I'm a little bit scared of this dinner.. tongue

Now, seriously, I'm looking forward to this dinner, the last one before almost all of you leave Southampton for some weeks. Hope you all have good vacations in your countries!

For the ones that are coming tonight, bring wine drunken Very Happy

See you!

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Party, AGAIN
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