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 visiting rascal Luke.

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PostSubject: visiting rascal Luke.   Wed 20 Dec ŕ 5:16

Hi there... hehehe... we're stuck together... don't we?...

I'm really excited with what's going on... expending last weekend with Luke in his birthplace has been quite a charming experience... we did much rascalities... Saturday night stood for being one of those high quality debate nights... we spent like 4 hours talking about madness, sex, drugs, rock'n roll and other rascalities of worldwide importance...

We also visited Conan Doyle's house and surroundings, Winnie The Pooh's forest... shopping, sung Christmas carols (with some Sherry flowing though our veins), ate lots of English/Spanish stuff... and the best: meeting Luke's family... (a lot of restrained rascals- don't tell Luke)... no, honestly, really warm, full-of-energy and difficult-to-forget people over there.

Here we've got some pictures to remember: see you all !!!!!! sooner or later.
Image hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by
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PostSubject: Re: visiting rascal Luke.   Mon 1 Jan ŕ 14:25

yeah talking about rascals...there u are, posting a million of pictures but we can see none of them hahaha

ok maybe im the only one that cannot see them...anyway then, just to say hello and happy new year!

have fun people!

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visiting rascal Luke.
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