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 PARTIES FOR THE NEXT FUTURE... (my declaration of intent).

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PostSubject: PARTIES FOR THE NEXT FUTURE... (my declaration of intent).   Fri 30 Jun à 11:18

Hi rascals,


In a corner of the swimming pool where I work… the day is sunny and the blue sky whispers at my ear...

As you know, this is ONE OF YOU. One who wants to remain in your Erasmus locus amoemus; as well as one who wants to remain ‘eternally’ in touch with you. Of course, we know this is not an exclusive feeling which belongs to Josema, for all of you want to keep this fire on flames, and are going to keep in touch in a diversity of ways.

As for me, the following is going to be my declaration of intent…

Vanessa’s and Josema’s proposal is, as most of you know, to offer our company to those who want to visit Barcelona, and expend some time here together. We are really interested on this becoming a reality!!!! We would show Barcelona to those who have never been here before, or visit new places with those who want to come again. We like travelling a lot, and we think the opportunity Southampton has offered us should not be missed, and it can always be better to visit foreign places if you know beforehand that someone who you know is waiting for you there. Therefore, we offer free accommodation, thus the cost of travelling is not so high. Our house is small, but it has a lot of corners where you (and your ‘good mannered’ friends) can sleep well, especially on summer, when the terrace can also be used.

Consequently, if you are coming to Barcelona (or Catalonia) this summer, year, or next year, or in the future, please, feel free to let us know, even when you choose not to stay in our house, for this is only an option for you. We would be glad to go there where you are and meet you again, or go out for whatever purpose.

We don’t ask for anything in exchange, but we all, Erasmus rascals, are not naïve, and know that this is more or less what Vanessa and me would like when we go to any of your countries. We have been travelling around for some years, and visited many places, really interesting ones, but there were not any people waiting for us there, at least in most of them, and we would like to have people waiting for us before we arrive in there. We know that not everybody will have a free room at our disposal, but this is not the most important point; we are especially interested in going out with you, for you to accompany us and take and show us whatever you want (the human side is at the top of our preferences). Thus, please, don’t hesitate if any one of you can not offer the same as we do, for this is NOT what I am suggesting here. What REALLY matters is to be in touch with YOU.

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep contacting you by Messenger or Skype. I really want to encourage you to use, for it offers the same as Messenger, but much better sound and image quality, as well as the possibility to make video-conferences among up to four people (more than Messenger as well). My Skype username is ‘superrats’.

I hope that the time we have expended together in Southampton is just the beginning of a book; that what I have written so far is just a little part of its continuation; and that the time we are going to expend together in the future is going to be its never endless body…

So, thanks for every breath you have taken and will take by my side…

Whenever I think of ‘it’, all of your faces appear in my mind… doesn’t it happen to you? All of them! Remember when…
Basketball Now, the ball is yours...
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PostSubject: Re: PARTIES FOR THE NEXT FUTURE... (my declaration of intent).   Sat 1 Jul à 16:25

I'll write some of the book's pages! I'll show up in Barcelona this or next year, for sure! and I'll bring someone with me hehehh cheers
Make sure that you show up in fuckin Lisbon, the city that sounds like Lesbians! If you don't show up I'll cut your dick! Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Hello to you Josemas!   Thu 13 Jul à 3:56

Hi Josemas, I still dont have you're messenger address, therefore: here is mine:, which is my email adress, too.

And I want to make an appointment for you're great offer:
I'm coming to Spain this winter (around christmas) and I have never been to Barcelona and I would admire to be shown aroung by a real "local guide", would you do this to me?
Of course I expect you and your girl to visit me and my boyfriend and our sweet little dog (Lilly, 11 weeks at the moment) in Boriol next to Castellon this winter, when we spend our holiday there, and, of course, at another time you should also come to Germany, where I can shown you some nice places to spend a lifetime...
Sorry for my English getting worse every day, being away from Soton, hope you nevertheless understood,
Best wishes and lots of kisses to you and Vanessa,
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PostSubject: Re: PARTIES FOR THE NEXT FUTURE... (my declaration of intent).   

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PARTIES FOR THE NEXT FUTURE... (my declaration of intent).
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