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 urgent PAELLA tomorrow lunch

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PostSubject: urgent PAELLA tomorrow lunch   Fri 2 Jun 7:30

Hi rascals.
All of you are invited to my second and last PAELLA in Southampton, tomorrow at lunchtime. This time I'll cook it for you, for Vanessa hasn't been able to come due to finantial shortcomings. Don't worry, for I'll do my best; following her instructions, of course.

It is of great importance that TODAY, all of you let me know whether you are going to come or not, contacting with me by any means, please. The reason for that is that I'll buy the ingredients tomorrow morning, and I don't want to be short or to do too much paella. Notice that I have only a paella pan, and I'll have to manage to do as many paellas as we require, which is not a problem for me in any case, as long as I have planned it beforehand.

Details will be posted as the day goes on, and tomorrow morning all should be fixed. Anyway, it is important to take into account that paella time will start by 3pm, for I think most people will be sleeping tomorrow until late, due to rascalian parties tonight. It will take place in the barbacues in Montefiore, as usual, as long as the weather is not bad. Otherwise, we will manage to do it in the flat, like the other time.

Also, I have to tell you that I will use the money I collected in the first paella party. However, I think it won't be enough for the event. Thus, I suggest I will buy everything we may need for the meal, and tomorrow we put some pound each or whatever, in order to share the cost.

I'm very sorry I didn't posted this before, for I didn't know until yesterday that I am leaving Southampton on Sunday morning. So, I'm sorry for that people that won't be able to come for they already have other plans.

I also suggest we could do a good sangria. But please, what do you suggest?

Ah! something else: this time it will be a paella of chicken, which is more cheaper, and as tasty as one of fish.


Ah! I can not be so happy or hot as I usually am, for I live reality.
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PostSubject: Re: urgent PAELLA tomorrow lunch   Fri 2 Jun 9:27

The paella will come to me!
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urgent PAELLA tomorrow lunch
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