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 Welcome to the Erasmus Forum

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Ben ouf


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Registration date : 2006-03-10

PostSubject: Welcome to the Erasmus Forum   Fri 10 Mar 18:51

Ok Hi everybody Exclamation
So this is our forum, hope you like it!.
I think it could work much better than the google group. Of course i haven't done this forum alone, so there are a lot of interesting stuff to do like global message(as in the google group, divided in different topics) and you can also send message to whoever you want, which can be useful.

So i hope you all get connected in there some can spend lot a time talking all together!

See you soon

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Registration date : 2006-03-11

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Erasmus Forum   Sat 11 Mar 6:23

very good idea in setting it up! If everyone knows about this, it will make communication a lot easier!
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Welcome to the Erasmus Forum
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